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A UNESCO World Heritage

There is so much to discover in Riga. The Old Town, the historic centre of Riga is today included in the UNESCO World Heritage Despite being more than 800 years old this is a modern European capital that offers numerous open-air cafes, operas and concerts, brilliant architecture, from the medieval to the Art Nouveau, an old city centre, good shopping and small cosy restaurants.

You also find hundreds of green areas and parks in the city, forty museums, a lot of theatres and an active artistic life Riga manages to keep in harmony its vast green areas and parks in the very city centre. Or just choose to take a walk in the Old Town on its cobblestone streets and just look up at the eaves and feel the wings of history. The main sights in the old town are Riga Castle, St Peter’s Church and the Dome Cathedral.

It is easy to go around in the city with public transports, buses, trolley buses and trams take you to any part of the city in 35 minutes. It is easy to recognise a Taxi by the lighted roof signs and special yellow licence plates starting from TX. Taxis should be equipped with taxi meeters and always make sure the meeter is running.

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