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The Baltic Region is one of the most expanding regions in Europe. Riga plays a determining role in the building of this new and competitive business region. With a pro-business strategy Riga is well prepared and particularly keen to welcome companies in most business areas

With Latvia's strategic location among the Baltic States the city of Riga is the perfect gate for business in the Eastern hemisphere. With boarders to the west to the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea, to Estonia in the north, Russia (east), Belarus (south-east) and Lithuania (south) you can not find a more convenient place to establish your business in noirthern Europe.

With its rapid grows of broad-band and soon 1 million Internet users Latvia and Riga is one of the leading cities in Europe when it comes to commercial Internet usage.

From Riga International Airport you reach most of Europe in just a few hours.

Will you establish a business in Latvia you can contact Riga.comĀ“s local business partners.

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