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About Riga

After seven centuries of foreign domination,the Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika) is independent since 1991 and has been transforming herself into an economically dynamic democracy. The vehicle for this transforming is the capital Riga, the largest city in the Baltic States.

Of Latvia’s 2.350.000 inhabitants approx. 750.000 live in Riga. The city is located on both banks of the river Daugava which separates the city into two parts, Vecriga (Old Riga) and Pardaugava. Four bridges, one only for railway traffic, connect the banks.

Riga is close to the Gulf of Riga at the Baltic Sea and the harbour is an important part of the city’s development. Once the river was an important as a strategically location called the “Amber Way" where the Nordic Vikings started their travels east). Today you find in the very heart of the city, just at the doorsteps to the Old Town, the Sea Passenger Terminal. Riga is also a hub for both the domestic and international trains. Only twenty minutes away from the city centre you find the biggest airport in the Baltic States, Riga International Airport.

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