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Green Planet Expo

Green Planet Expo (GPE) is the greenest event in the Baltic Sea region to be held in the heart of the art-nouveau pearl Riga, Latvia. GPE will bring together approximately 150 exhibitors from 10 Baltic Sea Region countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden and nevertheless expo’s slogan is “One Expo for All.” With variety of exhibitors from different countries, GPE combines green, eco, bio, and sustainable product producers and service providers from different fields – from food and beverages and household items to high technologies and innovations. Additionally, to showcasing and trading the fantastic goods and services of our exhibitors, GPE will also offer lectures, seminars, discussions, and demonstrations for our visitors to get familiar with the industry topics and find out the news of the field. The topics to be presented by well-known presenters, industry experts or policy makers that will provide a great platform for debates and discussions for all generations. GPE will also offer fun times for children, teens, adults and seniors: we have prepared different suitable and involving activities for all age groups with different interests.
To make the event more attractive to exhibitors, during the GPE, a special B2B event to be organized: every exhibitor will have a chance to meet other companies, do networking and make amazing contacts.
As a brilliant add-on, GPE at the very beginning of May, 2017 is launching a unique B2B online platform for companies participating in the expo with a chance to other green companies to join the platform – the better connections and more information, the more successful and current your business.
Date & Time
2017-05-26 10:00
LocationKipsala International Exhibition CentreVisit homepageShow on map

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