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Master of Visualization

Time to differentiate yourself from others! Well, you are a trainer, team coach, facilitator or (who knows) business leader or an entrepreneur. You organize trainings, give speeches to your employees and colleagues during meetings and presentations, work with groups of different size, and elaborate your own programs. But, as you’ve already noticed, the market is full with trainers let alone managers. Each of them can organize the same trainings, prepare similar charts, use the same methods of public speaking. These days it’s a dime a dozen. The winners are those who differ, who can do something others can’t. Someone invents new games, someone uses their acting skills but someone makes their trainings so vivid, illustrative and memorable that people want to work with this very trainer again and again; that employees and colleagues can’t wait to hear and watch his performance again. Sure you witnessed how trainers or colleagues drew captivating images and diagrams while working. They make their speeches illustrative and vivid. And no wonder, given the fact that 80% of information we perceive through vision. Bright, logically developed visual image of high quality will linger on in people’s heads. They may forget everything including trainer’s name and training’s title but schemes and models affecting basic visual instincts will last forever; and bright flip-chart pages is that kind of thing you want to share and keep as a souvenir. We hardly need to mention about the effect bright visualization has on company’s clients and how much each sales manager is ready to pay for the opportunity to present his company’s goods and services by the means of visual illustrations! - I won’t be able to do this, - you thought then, - I’m no artist. I can’t paint. – Why can’t you? – I tried, I did my best but I didn’t manage to do it. This is the story I hear from 99% of people who think that visual facilitation is not for them and by this they deprive themselves and their participants of the pleasure of enjoying looking at bright and illustrative pictures during their speeches.   Is it really so difficult to master visualization? It sure is (maybe it is even impossible) if you do it the wrong way. What did you do to learn how to complete your trainings and speeches with visual images? Have you watched the painters draw and got disappointed? It’s difficult for a painter to teach you to draw because he’s not a trainer nor a teacher. Have you tried doing to yourself? But you don’t know the basics and will have to reinvent the wheel where the right methods are already known. How many times have you tried it? Once? Twice? Or more? Between now and then you must have made sure that painting is not for you. But don’t be in such a hurry to write yourself off.   What if I tell you that it’s possible? What if there are simple techniques that allow every person who is no painter or designer to create bright and vivid visual images right during their speeches? What if you find out that even a person who never held a pencil in their hand can learn to create artworks to their trainings and presentations just in one day? Would you like to try then? So (the pressure is on!) you can really do it! We can take down to pieces every skill and then single out secrets of success. And if we know secrets and methods we only need to take them and apply them to our practice and professional life. Where can we do it? At the scribing training “Master of Visualization” that is intended specially for those who want to use visual mastery in his speeches and performances.   Training on visual communication. What for? The course “Master of Visualization” is a unique program designed specially for those who want to create bright images, texts and templates for their trainings and speeches. It’s neither drawing for yourself nor painting for dummies; it’s neither scribing for movie making nor basics of design. This training from beginning to end is conceived to develop your skill of creating beautiful images right during your speeches. 80% of the time is devoted to practice after which you will not stand a chance not to master quick visualization techniques. After learning visual communication techniques you will be easily surprising your audience with your beautiful sketches and will make your events illustrative and memorable. Your audience will easily perceive everything you say because you will present it in an intelligible and vivid form. You won’t have to ask anymore how to engage people in the process of training or presentation. Just believe that visual images captivate audience’s attention just like Kaa the python from the Jungle Book.   Program of training Definition and components of visual communication skill Different types of visual communication for teamwork: business drawing, business visualization, scribing, sketchnoting and graphic facilitation – similarities, differences and particularities Ways to apply visualization to trainer’s, facilitator’s, couch’s speaker’s and director’s work Particularities of sketchnoting (visual notes) for work on a training Advantages of visual communication techniques for professionals from the field of education and development.   Materials used in visual communication Materials to visualize meanings and their stylistic particularities Practical methods of applying marker pens, felt pens, brush pens, pens, crayons etc. Particularities of materials for individual work (coaching, feedback sessions, one-on-one meetings) Particularities of materials for teamwork (trainings, presentations, meetings, facilitations)   Fonts and psychological methods of text work Common mistakes of text work in the trainings Secrets of neat handwriting on a flip chart Quick and neat writing skill development Different font types for public speeches, trainings and facilitations Influence psychology and font arts Font effects for different speech topics Design of font posters for presentations and trainings Creation of introductory poster for a training or presentation   Conscious choice of color in visual communication Particularities of human color perception Psychology of color impact in communication Techniques of color work in trainings and presentations Coloristics and color combination for different presentation purposes Cobwebs of color use in educational events Management of group dynamics and life hacks for trainers via techniques of color use   Psychology of shape and schemes in communication Particularities of perception and psychology of shape Methods of using different graphic forms in presentations Form work techniques: from designers to speakers Scheming algorithm on the basis of difficult meanings Transfer of meaning essence through simple visual methods Scheming logic in quick storytelling or presentation Methods of visual thinking for efficient communication Methods of step-by-step text to paragraph conversion   Business drawing in visual communication Particularities of business drawing in teamwork Methods of quick drawing for those who “don’t know how to draw” Painters’ secrets: creating captivating drawings through simple methods Symbols and pictograms for speeches, trainings and presentations Psychology of pictogram design for presentations Techniques of meaning transfer through simple drawings Elements of scribing (simultaneous visual interactive text to paragraph conversion) for trainings and presentations Creation of icon library for trainings and presentations   Interactive visual communication techniques Algorithms of interactive visual communication Poster types for trainings and presentations and particularities of their creation Four detalization levels of flip charts for trainings Meaningful and visual metaphors in trainer’s and speaker’s work Visualization of concept models for trainings and presentations Action plan for visual storytelling Trainer’s tricks concerning preparations of visual materials in presentations Simultaneous speech and drawing skill development   Summary Final presentation on the basics of mastered techniques Summary of mastered techniques Elaboration of visual communication development plan   Who will benefit from the training «Master of Visualization»? This training will be useful for all those who want to improve the quality of information they provide to the audience (both for groups of people as well as for individuals): Business trainer, corporate trainer, personal development trainer – one will create memorable schemes and visual props for models offered to the audience. Facilitator, strategic session host, team coach – one will achieve result in groups, record this result in popular form and transfer it to a client in a readable and workable form. Coach, consultant, psychotherapist — one will visualize situation and opponent mode of thinking. Manager, entrepreneur, project manager — one will get their message across colleagues, partners, clients and investors during presentations, round table meetings and conferences.   Training is organised by agiletransformer.com and will be led by Katerina Bogina, managing partner of Insight Group company. Leading Russian expert of visual thinking and visual communication in the field of education and development. A member of International Association of Visualisators IFVP executive board. Organizing consultant and coach of coaches. Professional visual facilitator and scriber, team and individual coach. The only coach of coaches in Russia that is simultaneously practicing visual facilitator and sought-after scriber working with both Russian and English languages (more than 100 events per year). Her professional experience includes: human resources management in a company and leading of education and development function as well as working as an HR-consultant in top Russian consulting companies. Teacher and host of educational events in Lomonosov MSU (school of economics), HSE (master’s program “Psychology in business”), HSE Practical Psychology School (program “Business training”). Reviewer of master’s thesis concerning use of visual instruments in business. Education: School of arts Sviatoslav Richter (visual art) Bachelor of Economics (Lomonosov MSU) Master of business psychology (HSE) British Higher School of Art and Design ‘In my trainings I use my own original inventions and best approaches from my own experience in the field of education and development as well as business psychology instruments and my own long-standing practice of communication and visual design. I know firsthand what education and development trainers, speakers and experts need to make their presentations vivid and memorable so that participants of coaching and facilitating sessions achieve high-quality results. Come and I will share with you visual communication instruments that you will apply to your work the same day!’   Why choose the training «Master of Visualization»?  The main peculiarity of the training is that it is aimed at those who would like to work with groups or individuals using scribing and graphic facilitation techniques on his own. Another title of this training is training on ‘insight scribing’. Why ‘insight’? Because here you will learn not just how to draw, you will master techniques of leading your group to insights, discoveries and revelations through bright visual images. This training combines best scribing and graphic facilitation methods based on psychological aspects of perception, imagination and virtual information storage. I’ve been drawing for many years on my trainings, coaching, strategic sessions and other group meetings. That’s why I know for sure which visualization methods are efficient for presentation or graphic facilitation and which are not and you as well will learn these methods and try them on this training.   What will you get after the training? Once and for all dispel the myth that you can’t draw Get the understanding of main visual facilitation techniques Master the methods of how to quickly decorate your flip chart Learn ready-to-use schemes of vivid presentation of information Get the ideas to visualize your trainings and presentations Master techniques of quick verbal content systematization Create your own scribes concerning your topic (for your training or presentation) Get the feedback on your strong points and areas to develop Get the inspiration to make your trainings memorable for a long time What’s included Besides one of the best trainings for in the industry, you get: - Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks Language The training is given in English. All training materials are also in English. Schedule Coffee from 8:30. Course runs from 9:00 – 17:30. Price Early Birds until 26th of June: 240 EUR +VAT 21% Afterwards: 300 EUR +VAT 21% If you want an invoice or group discount - please send your request to: info@agiletransformer.com  Please mind you that due to a great number of participants willing to take part in our training we can guarantee you a place on the training only after the payment. Thanks for understanding.
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2018-08-07 09:00
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