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eazyBI Community Days 2018

Whether you are just starting out or already familiar with eazyBI, if you want to make the most of it and reach the full potential of your business reporting, eazyBI Community Days 2018 is a “must go” event this year. Real Use-Cases Our guest speakers, partners, experts, and eazyBI customers will showcase their best ideas and unique approach in using eazyBI in their company or for their customers. Best Practices Find hidden gems in eazyBI, quick solutions to long-lasting obstacles, best practices, new features, new ideas, new insights, and different approaches to common challenges. Hands-On Workshops We’ll work with every single one of you in hands-on, practical workshops to help you solve your most pressing issues, answer your questions, and implement new solutions. Agenda Day 1 – eazyBI Best Practices & Use Cases Latest eazyBI Features and Best Practices Guest Speakers, Use-Cases, Solutions, Ideas Networking & Discussions Day 2 – eazyBI Training Workshops and Individual Sessions Hands-on training workshops Individual training sessions Networking & Discussions Who should come? Experienced eazyBI users will greatly benefit from fresh new ideas, insights, best practices, and use cases. If you’re already building eazyBI reports for your company or your customers, eazyBI Community Days 2017 will help you overcome your struggles so you can reach the next level and make the most out of eazyBI this year. New eazyBI users, it’s your chance to see the full potential of eazyBI and start your journey with the right foot forward. Give yourself a real jump-start and hit the ground running with many practical use cases, new ideas, best practices, and hands-on individual workshops with eazyBI team members.
Date & Time
2018-05-24 09:00
LocationBellevue Park Hotel RigaShow on map

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